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The Cyclists' Touring Club is Britain's largest national cycling organisation, promoting recreational and utility cycling. CTC Bristol Section info with runs list.

We have several trip reports on-line, for tours we have done: Land's End to John O'Groats, 1993, Brittany and (mostly) Normandy, 1995, and Land's End to John O'Groats 2, 1996.

Now on-line is a ride report for our 1997 holiday, off-road cycle camping in the Rocky Mountains, Montana.

The answers to many cycling questions can be found in the FAQ for the rec.bicycles newsgroups. For UK readers, these can be found archived at Oxford and Imperial. The FAQ for the uk.rec.cycling newsgroup contains additional info relevant to cyclists in the UK and Ireland. It is archived at York.

The CTC and the AA have jointly produced a leaflet, 'Cycle Safe, Drive Safe', aimed at improving the interactions between cyclists and drivers. Worth reading. (Now published by the DETR.)

AUDAX UK is the UK affiliate of Les Randonneurs Mondial, the long-distance cycling organisation. For a taste of what they do, see my ride report for the Barnstaple Bash 200km brevet, 1996.

There's a lot of good cycle info, especially for tourers, in the Cyberider Cycling WWW Site maintained by Steve Ciccarelli. The Harris Cyclery web area maintained by Sheldon Brown is full of useful general cycling information.

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